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Space Junk

17.02.2014 0
by Omair Taibah • 17/02/2014

Today on T3rf De we visit space again. We will talk about a problem that space engineers and scientists face whenever they try to send something to space, and we will talk about a solution that many others are proposing. The problem is space junk and the solution is a

Saudi and Dubai from Space

22.03.2013 0
by Faisal Alaseeri • 22/03/2013

Today’s tidbit is a quick one. We’ll be sharing the tweets of Commander Chris Hadfield, current commander of the ISS crew, in which he captured a few photos of the Arabian Peninsula from the space station. We’ve already retweeted these tweets, but gather them here for easier reference. We highly

Voyager and The Golden Record

18.03.2013 0
by Faisal Alaseeri • 18/03/2013

Today’s article on T3rf De talks about how far from Earth we’ve been able to travel, and how far we’ve gone. ________________________________________________ Update: Three days after publishing of this article, Nasa has announced that Voyager has entered a new area of space. This has sparked controversy in the astronomical community regarding whether

What does space smell like?

16.02.2013 0
by Faisal Alaseeri • 16/02/2013

An anonymous questioner sent in this one through Send us your questions on Twitter, Facebook or through the box on the right. What does space smell like? It’s an interesting question that’s been going around recently. It’s not something we can answer with great accuracy since only a few people